Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Tofu Take Two

     A few months back I had my first attempt at making tofu and it was a serious flop. I'd say that I probably didn't squeeze enough water out and maybe they could have used a bit more time crisping up. Live and learn, right? Sadly though, this incident will forever stay in my daughter's mind and effect her opinion on tofu.

Nothing fancy, but it sure works great!
     Nevertheless, I tried my hand at making a tofu dish again. This time I had some help though. Firstly, after reading this helpful guide I went out and bought a tofu press. I figure if I'm going to be making tofu more often I don't really want to have to buy a roll of paper towels every time. I also loosely followed this recipe. I left out the fruits at the end though since I was going to be putting my tofu on some veggie stir fry.

     The stir fry itself was made a bit off-the-cuff. Half an onion, half a pepper, a small bunch of broccoli, some aging but still good mushrooms, half a pack of snow peas, a can of baby corn, garlic, ginger, and a pack of Chinese style noodles found in the produce section of my grocery store. Seasoned with sesame oil, soy sauce, and a little sesame garlic sauce. Yum!
My veggie mix for the night
     The tofu itself cooked up really well, nice and crispy on the edges, firm on the inside. About as meat like in texture as I think it could be. The sauce I picked had some kick, but not too much. I enjoyed it far more than my previous attempt.

     This time around the 'green things' weren't my daughter's concern, the tofu was. She ate away at the stir fry without complaint, but she consistently avoided the tofu on top. Though I didn't get an individual score from her, I'd guess it came in at not quite a thumb up, but more than a sideways thumb. When I was finally able to convince her to try the tofu... she didn't hate it. But she didn't like it either and she would have been happy to not have had to finish the mere two pieces I had given her. But she did finish it all without playing "let's make a deal". I do believe she had some cookies later on though. Mimi's are always good for cookies.

     As I said at the beginning of this post, I think her previous experience tainted her opinions. It may take a few more dishes like this to get her to have a positive view. For now I think the sideways thumb the tofu got was quite an accomplishment.
Even reheated two days later this dish is awesome in my book


  1. Cheers on the new tofu press. It actually comes in handy for any food you want to get water out of. I have some great sites for tofu and the like if interested.

    Your daughter might just eat the tofu because of the Caribbean flavors.

    Simple appetizer treat:

    This one is fabulous too.

    The fish sauce might be too much so you could sub soy sauce or any other sauce with a similar flavor profile.

    When I was younger I didnt appreciate tofu but now my favorite way is as follows: Press the tofu just like Averie says (love her desserts too) then toss it with A1 steak sauce and any spices I want (sometimes I put some mexican spices, or simple pepper, try smoked paprika). Let it marinate 15 min-30 min. Then just bake the tofu at 375 for about 30-40 minutes flipping halfway through.I serve it with green beens and baked potato or sweet mashed potatos. Like a veggie steak dinner.

    But seriously I really prefer tofu baked with simple salsa, any dressing, asian sauce, heck even pasta sauce, pesto is great too.

    All of the sites I listed are super helpful and easy to follow. The Post Punk Kitchen is wonderful because you can type in a specific ingredient on the left hand side of the recipes section.

    Your dish looks delicious.


    1. Thanks for all the sites to check out and recipe ideas :)

  2. The tofu press you have is the EZ Tofu Press, they work extremely well for the money (another brand is twice as much). Glad to hear that the tofu came out so well, I like to purchase store marinade and coat on tofu after pressing, it always turns out tasty!